Spot the Difference: Are Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston Too Alike to Make a Body Swap Movie? | movies

Spot the Distinction: Are Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston Too Alike to Make a Physique Swap Film? | films

TThe physique swap style has lengthy existed on a easy premise: What if two individuals with utterly reverse worldviews skilled life via one another’s eyes? Style classics embody Freaky Friday (a baby switches our bodies with an grownup), 18 Once more! (the place an adolescent swaps our bodies with an 81-year-old coma affected person), Like Father Like Son (the place a child swaps our bodies with a surgeon), and The Scorching Chick (a horny individual swaps our bodies with Rob Schneider).

However you have not seen something but as a result of Hollywood has now provide you with a physique swap film that makes all these films appear like train runs. It has used superior scientific and mathematical formulation to find the 2 actors at present engaged on planet Earth, who’re utterly reverse in each means possible, and constructed a movie about their infinite and sophisticated variations. That is proper, there’s going to be a physique swap film starring Julia Roberts quickly and Jennifer Aniston.

I do know proper? Attempt to get that in your head for an inconceivable second in case your mind permits it. Thus far there isn’t a title or logline for this movie, however why would you want one? You could possibly stroll into any studio in Hollywood and simply say the phrases “Jennifer Aniston swaps our bodies with Julia Roberts” and the execs would simply begin throwing suitcases full of cash at you, wanting to see the way you’re doing the entire galaxy of Dramatize variations would possibly exist in between Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday (2003)
Opposites… Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday (2003). Picture: Rex Options

Properly, clearly I do know what you are pondering right here. You are like, “Wait a minute, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston do not appear that totally different to me.” However that is the place you are mistaken, my poor candy summer season idiot. They’re utterly totally different individuals in each means. For instance, whereas Jennifer Aniston is a divorced white millionaire born in 1969, Julia Roberts is a divorced white millionaire born in 1967. And whereas Roberts first rose to fame in comedy earlier than reaching a degree of important acclaim together with her starring position in Aniston, a Dramatic Film, she first rose to fame in comedy earlier than reaching a degree of important acclaim by starring in a dramatic TV present . Utterly totally different.

The listing goes on. Julia Roberts appeared on Pals as soon as, however Jennifer Aniston appeared on Pals 236 occasions. Julia Roberts has been in movies with Brad Pitt, however Jennifer Aniston truly married him. What I am making an attempt to say is that they’re full and complete atomic opposites of one another. If Jennifer Aniston stole your cellphone and was positioned in a police cordon with Julia Roberts, there’s undoubtedly a 60% likelihood that you’d appropriately establish her and never Roberts. Oh good, I quit. They’re an identical.

And it is not inconceivable to imagine that is truly the purpose. The director of this upcoming physique swap film is Max Barbakow, his final film PalmSprings was an incredible comedy that managed to replace and subvert the essential plot of Groundhog Day to a compelling extent. It is a man who clearly is aware of the best way to play with genres. And after many years of physique swap comedy about individuals swapping their bodily and emotional opposites, it is not about time somebody made a film about one lady swapping our bodies with one other lady who would possibly simply as effectively be her actual genetic copy may very well be?

Clearly that seems like a horrible thought as a result of there’s completely no dramatic rigidity in it, however that is as a result of we’re not Max Barbakow. At this stage, Barbakov looks like the very best individual to take advantage of each final drop of juice from a premise that is principally “glamorous lady seems to be in mirror.”

No launch date has been set for this Aniston-Roberts physique swap extravaganza, however hopefully it is going to be quickly. The world wants this movie.


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